Volume 5, Number 1-2, September 2006

vol. 5 (1-2)
Krystyna Lawniczak-JablonskaWe Are Fifteeners!!! 15 Years of Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society 3-4
ISSRNS-8: Abstracts of invited lectures and oral presentations
J.-M. Tonnerre, S. Grenier, G. Carbone, N. Jaouen, E. Bontempi, U. StaubPolarized X-ray Resonant Magnetic ReflectivityI-0110
V. Holý, Z. Matej, O. Pacherová, V. Novák, M. CukrX-Ray Diffraction and Standing-Wave Characterization of Ferromagnetic GaMnAs Epitaxial LayersO-0111
J. KoreckiNanostructures Studied with Nuclear Resonant Scattering of SRI-0212
P. Lecante, C. Amiens, O. Margeat, D. Ciuculescu, R.E. Benfield, B. ChaudretStructural Study of Ultrafine Bimetallic Magnetic NanoparticlesO-0213
T. Schmitt, V.N. Strocov, T. Schmidt, Q. Chen, U. lechsig, J. Raabe, A. Imhof, B. Jakob, C. Vollenweider, V. Schönherr, R. Betemps, J. Krempasky, X. Wang, M. Grioni, C. Dallera, G. Ghiringhelli, L. Braicovich, L. PattheyThe ADRESS Project at the Swiss Light Source: A Beamline for RIXS and ARPES Studies on Correlated and Nano-Structured MaterialsO-0314
L. Hawełek, J. Kołoczek, A. Bródka, J.C. Dore, V. Honkimäki, A. BurianStructural Studies of Disordered Carbons by High-EnergyX-ray DiffractionO-0415
J.J. Rocca, Y. Wang, S. Heinbuch, M.A. Larotonda, B.M. Luther, D. Alessi, M. Berrill, M.C. Marconi, V.N. Shlyaptsev, G. Vaschenko, C. Brewer, F. Brizuela, C.S. MenoniCompact Soft X-ray Lasers: a Doorway to Coherent Soft X-ray Science on a Table-TopI-0316
H. YamadaExpected and Observed Properties of the MIRRORCLE-Type Tabletop Synchrotron Light SourcesI-0417
J.B. Pełka, A. Andrejczuk, L. Juha, M. Jurek, D. Klinger, J. Krzywiński, R. Sobierajski, K. Sokolowski-TintenStructure Modifications of Materials Irradiated by Ultra-Short Pulses of IVth Generation XUV Sources. A Research PerspectiveO-0518
H. Fiedorowicz, A. Bartnik, R. Jarocki, J. Kostecki, R. Rakowski, M. SzczurekMicrostructuring Organic Polymers using Synchrotron and Laser Plasma X-ray SourcesO-619
F. Clerc, C. Battaglia, L. Despont, C. Monney, H. Cercellier, M.G. Garnier, P. AebiAngle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Using Synchrotron RadiationI-0520
E.G. MichelProbing Surface Phase Transitions with Angle-Resolved Photoemission and Surface X-ray DiffractionI-0621
C. Janowitz, L. Dudy, B. Müller, B. Ziegler, A. Krapf, H. Dwelk, R.-P. Blum, R. ManzkeCharge Density Modulation in Pb-Bi2201 at Optimum Pb DopingO-0722
P. PiszoraX-ray Powder Diffraction and Temperature Programmed Reduction Studies of Lithium-excess and Lithium-deficient Lithium-manganese Oxides with Spinel StructureO-0823
P. Korecki, M. Tolkiehn, D.V. Novikov, G. Materlik, M. SzymońskiX-Ray Tomographic Imaging of Atoms – Crystal Views From InsideO-0924
M. TaniguchiInvestigation of Electronic and Spin States in Solids by Means of High Energy- and Momentum-Resolution ARPES, Spin-Resolved PES and XMCDI-0725
J. Szade, W. Burian, M. Zangrando, F Bondino, E. Magnano, Z. Celiński, T. O’KeevanResonance Induced Divalent Eu States in EuF3 Ultrathin LayersI-0826
P. Mikulík, D. Lübbert, L. Helfen, P. Pernot, S. Keller, T. BaumbachSpatial Micrometer-Resolved Structure Quality Control of Semiconductor Wafers and Lateral Overgrowth Structures by Synchrotron Radiation Rocking Curve ImagingO-1027
T. Schmitt, A. Hallén, M. Linnarsson, S.H. Yun, U.O. KarlssonStudies of the Electronic Structure of Boron in Boron Implanted Silicon Carbide by Soft X-ray Absorption and Emission SpectroscopyO-1128
G. GröbelScientific Opportunities at the European XFELI-0929
N. MartenssonMAX IV – A Proposal for an Ultra-Brilliant Synchrotron Radiation Facility in the Nordic/Baltic RegionI-1030
M.G. Anderson, T. Haraszti, G.E. Petersen, S. Wirick, C. Jacobsen, S.W.M. John, M. GrunzeScanning Transmission X-ray Microscopic Analysis of Purified Melanosomes of the Mouse IrisI-1131
G. Tatoń, M. Karwala-Szytuła, T.Rok, E. Rokita, Z. Tabor, A. Wróbel, F. Beckmann, T. Donath, J. FischerThe Influence of ELFMF on the Trabecular Bone StructureO-1232
G. Brandt, J. Eden, R. Fliegauf, A. Gottwald, A. Hoehl, R. Klein, R. Müller, M. Richter, F. Scholze, R. Thornagel, G. Ulm, K. Bürkmann-Gehrlein, J. RahnThe Metrology Light Source – the New Dedicated Electron Storage Ring of PTBI-1233
J. Härtwig, P. Van Vaerenbergh, I. Gierz, J. Hoszowska, A. Rommeveaux, A. Chumakov, G. Carbone, S.H. Connell, M. Rebak, R. Setshedi, D. Dube, L. Mkhonza, R. Burns, J.O. HansenDiamonds for X-ray Optical Applications at 3rd and 4th Generation X-ray SourcesI-1334
Chao-hung DuX-ray Scattering Study of the Dynamic Phase Transition of Charge Density Waves in K0.3MoO3I-1435
J. Novák, B. Krause, V. Holý, G. Bauer, S. Kiravittaya, O.G. Schmidt, T.H. MetzgerX-ray Study on Multilayers of InAs Quantum Dots Grown on Patterned and Unpatterned GaAs SubstrateO-1336
F. de GrootHigh-Resolution X-ray Absorption and X-ray Emission: Theory and ExperimentI-1537
S. M.Filipek, V. Paul-Boncour, L.Y. Jang, H. Chen, R.S. Liu, R. Wierzbicki, H.D. YangSynthesis of RMn2D6 Novel Hydrides and Their Studies by Synchrotron RadiationO-1438
K. Lawniczak-JabłońskaX-ray Absorption Studies of Mn in Materials Promising for SpintronicsI-1639
J.J. RehrTheory and Interpretation of X-ray Spectra – from EXAFS to NRIXSI-1740
D. Idziak, A. Pasewicz,J. Kołoczek, R. Wrzalik, P. Kuś,A. Ratuszna, T. Fennell, V. Honkimäki, A. BurianMolecular Structure of 5,10,15,20 – tetra(1-naphthyl)porphyrin and 5,10-di(4-hexadecyloxyphenyl) – 15,20-di(4-pyridyl)porphyrin Studied by High-Energy X-ray DiffractionO-1541
C.J. Powell, A. Jabłoński, W.S.M. Werner, W. SmekalNIST Databases with Parameters Describing Electron Transport in SolidsO-1642
A. Wolska, K. Lawniczak-Jabłońska, S. Kret, M. Klepka, M.S. Walczak, A. MisiukLocal Structure of Mn Atoms in Si Implanted with Mn+O-1743
M.S. Walczak, K. Lawniczak-Jablońska, A. Sienkiewicz, M. Czuba, M. Klepka, L. Suárez, A. Kosar, M.J. Bellemare, D.S. BohleEXAFS Investigation of the Local Iron Neighborhood in Synthetic Substitutes of Malarial PigmentsO-1844
J.B. Pełka, W. Paszkowicz, M. Brust, P. GierłowskiStructural and Electrical Characterization of Self-Assembled Films of Gold Nanoparticles Linked by Dithiol MoleculesO-1945
ISSRNS-8: Abstracts of poster presentations
R. Bacewicz, A. Pietnoczka, W. Zalewski, S. Schorr, W. GehlhoffLocal Structure in Mn Doped Chalcopyrite SemiconductorsP-0146
J. Bąk-Misiuk, E. Dynowska, A. Misiuk, P. Romanowski, J. TrelaDefect Structure of Annealed Si:MnP-0247
A. Banaś, K. Banaś , G. Falkenberg, W.M. KwiatekStudy of Signal to Noise Ratio in X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy on Prostate TissuesP-0348
K. Banaś, A. Jasiński, A. Banaś, G. Falkenberg, B. Pawlicki, W.M. KwiatekApplication of Discriminant Analysis in Prostate Cancer ResearchP-0449
M. Borowiec, Cz. Kapusta, M. Sikora, D. Zając, D. Rybicki, P. Fischer, G. SchützXANES and X-MCD Study of RE2TM17Ax (RE=Nd,Sm; TM=Co,Fe; A=H,N) CompoundsP-0550
M. Brancewicz, A. Andrejczuk, L. Dobrzyński, H. Reniewicz,E. ŻukowskiA Need for High Resolution Compton Scattering Study of hcp Metals with the Use of Synchrotron RadiationP-0651
A.D. Crisan, R. Nicula, O. Crisan, E. BurkelPressure-Assisted Thermal Phase Evolution in Fe-Pt-Nb-B Alloys Studied with in-situ X-ray Diffraction of Synchrotron RadiationP-0752
A.D. Crisan, O. Crisan, N. Randrianantoandro, M. Valeanu, M. Morariu, E. BurkelThermal Analysis of Crystallization Processes in Fe-Pt-Nb-B Melt Spun RibbonsP-0853
M. Czapla, M. Borowiec, M. Sikora, V. Prochazka, D. Zając, D. Rybicki, Cz. Kapusta, C. Marquina, M.R. IbarraAn NMR, EXAFS and XRD Study of Carbon Encapsulated Co NanoparticlesP-0954
J. Darul, E. Wolska, W. Nowicki, P. PiszoraCharacterization of Structural Properties of LiMxFe5-xO8 (M=Al, Cr, Mn) Spinel Solid SolutionsP-1055
I.N. Demchenko, K. Lawniczak-Jablońska, S. Kret, M. Żak, A. NovikovXAFS and HRTEM Analysis Applied for Determination of Optical Properties of Ge-Si Islands Buried in Silicon MatrixP-1156
I.N. Demchenko, K. Lawniczak-Jablońska, J. Sadowski, M. Klepka, A. WolskaExamination of the Local Structure of Mn Doped Magnetic Semiconductors by X-Ray AbsorptionP-1257
M. Kozak, L. DomkaThe Effect of Selected Surfactants on the Structure of a Bicellar System (DMPC/DHPC) Studied by SAXSP-1358
E. Dynowska, W. Szuszkiewicz, J.B. Pelka, T. Wojciechowski, E. Janik, G. Karczewski, O.H. SeeckThe Evidence of Wurtzite Structure in MBE-Grown Polycrystalline Thin Cd1-xZnxTe LayerP-1459
E. Dynowska, W. Szuszkiewicz, A. Szczepańska, P. Romanowski, Ch. LatheHigh-Pressure Phase Transitions in (CdMn)Te and Cd(TeSe) Ternary CompoundsP-1560
S. Garg, N. AggarwalFabrication and Improving Green Light Emitting Phosphoroscent Organic Electroluminiscent DevicesP-1661
J. Goraus, A. ŚlebarskiCalculated XAS and VB-XPS Spectra of Fe(2+x)V(1-x)Al Heusler Alloys, Electrical Resistivity of Fe2VAlP-1762
C. Janowitz, T. Zandt, R. ManzkeHumboldt-University Research and Training Beamline at BESSY IIP-1863
P. Klang, V. HolýX-ray Diffuse Scattering from Stacking Faults in Czochralski SiliconP-1964
M. Klepka, K. Lawniczak-Jablońska, I.N. Demchenko, N. Nedelko, A. Slawska-Waniewska, M. Walczak, C.A. Rodrigues, C. BordiniX-ray Absorption Study of Fe ions in Metal-Chitosan ComplexesP-2065
D. Klinger, S. Kret, E. Lusakowska, M. Jurek, D. ŻymierskaCreation of Periodical Defect Structure during Nanosecond Laser Annealing of SiP-2166
D. Klinger, E. Lusakowska, D. Żymierska, L. NowickiMorphological and Structural Defects Created in Si-Sn Layer by a Nanosecond Laser PulseP-2267
D. Klinger, R. Sobierajski, R. Nietubyć, J. Krzywiński, J. Pełka, M. Jurek, D. Żymierska, S. Guizard, H. MerdjiFemtosecond Laser Surface Modifications of PolymethylmethacrylateP-2368
I.A. Kowalik, B.J. Kowalski, R.J. Iwanowski, K. Kopalko, M. Sawicki, E. Lusakowska, J. Sadowski, M. Adell, I. Grzegory, S. PorowskiResonant Photoemission Studies of the Electronic Structure of MnAs Dots on GaNP-2469
M. KozakSynchrotron Radiation Small Angle Scattering Studies of Selected Phospholipids-Protein MixturesP-2570
M. Kozak, A. GrubbSAXS Studies of Human Protein HC (a1-microglobulin)P-2671
J. Krcmár, V. HolýX-ray Standing-Wave Effects in Grazing-Incidence X-ray Diffraction from Polycrystalline MultilayersP-2772
J. Szlachetko, R. Barrett, M. Berset, J.-Cl. Dousse, K. Fennane, J. Hoszowska, A. Kubala-Kukuś, M. Pajek, M. SzlachetkoX-ray Resonant Raman Scattering in Si and SiO2 at Si-K Absorption EdgeP-2873
W. M. Kwiatek, C. Paluszkiewicz, A. Banaś, A. Kisiel, M. Podgórczyk, A. Marcelli, M. Cestelli Guidi, M. PiccininiApplication of µ-FTIR-SR Spectroscopy to Prostate Tissue AnalysisP-2974
A. Malinowska, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska, K. Wieteska, W. Wierzchowski, W. GraeffMonochromatic and White Beam Synchrotron Radiation and Conventional X-ray Topography of SrLaGaO4 CrystalsP-3075
M. Meduna, J. Novák, V. Holý, G. Bauer, C.V. Falub, S. Tsujino, D. GrützmacherIn-situ Investigations of Si and Ge Interdiffusion in Si Cascade StructuresP-3176
L. Helfen, T. Baumbach, P. Pernot, P. Mikulík, M. DiMichiel, J. BaruchelHigh-Resolution Three-Dimensional Imaging by Synchrotron-Radiation Computed LaminographyP-3277
R. Minikayev, W. Paszkowicz, J. Piętosa, J. Nowak, Ch. LatheHigh-Pressure Diffraction Study of Indium NitrideP-3378
R. Mroczka, P. Bartosik, Z. Sawłowicz, K. Skrzypiec, G. Falkenberg, G. Żukociński A. KuczumowOptimization of Metallic X-ray Capillary ProductionP-3479
R. Müller, A. Hoehl, R. Klein, G. Ulm, U. Schade, G. WüstefeldInfrared Radiation from the New Electron Storage Ring “Metrology Light Source” of the Physikalisch-Technische BundesanstaltP-3580
W. Nowicki, E. Wolska, J. Darul, P. PiszoraInfluence of Simultaneous Doping of Li+ and Fe3+ Ions in the LiMn2O4 Spinel StructureP-3681
P. Dziawa, B.A. Orlowski, V. Osinniy, M. Pietrzyk, B. Taliashvili, T. Story, R.L. JohnsonResonant Photoemission Study of Gd 4f and 5p Electrons to (PbGd)TeP-3782
V. Osinniy, P. Dziawa, B.A. Orlowski, B.J. Kowalski, M. Pietrzyk, B. Taliashvili, S. Mickievicius, T. Story, R. L. JohnsonTe Atoms on EuGdTe Layers – Fano Type Resonant Photoemission StudyP-3883
A. Pasewicz, D. Idziak, J. Kołoczek, R. Wrzalik, P. Kuś, A. Ratuszna, T. Fennell, V. Honkimäki, A. BurianPair Correlation Function Analysis of 5-(4- hexadecyloxyphenyl)-10,15,20-tri(4-pyridyl)porphyrin and 5-(4-methoxycarbonylphenyl)-10,15,10-tri(4-pyridyl)- porphyrinP-3984
W. Paszkowicz, R. Minikayev, J. Piętosa, P. Piszora, Y. Cerenius, S. Carlson, S. Kolesnik, M. Majjiga, B. DabrowskiHigh-Pressure Diffraction Study of La1-xSrxCoO3-y at I711 (MAX-II) BeamlineP-4085
M.A. Pietrzyk, B.A. Orlowski, B.J. Kowalski, P. Dziawa, V. Osinniy, B. Taliashvili, R.L. JohnsonPhotoemission Study of Gd Deposition on PbTe MBE LayersP-4186
M.A. Pietrzyk, B.J. Kowalski, B.A. Orlowski, P. Dziawa, V. Osinniy, V.E. Slynko, E.I. Slynko, R.L. JohnsonPhotoemission Study of Mn 3p-3d Resonances in GeMnTe and GeMnEuTe CrystalsP-4287
E. Piskorska, V. Holý, M. Siebert, Th. Schmidt, J. Falta, T. Yamaguchi, D. Hommel, H. RenevierCharacterization of Self-Organized InGaN/GaN Quantum Dots by Diffraction Anomalous Fine StructureP-4388
W. Sławiński, R. Przeniosło, I. Sosnowska, M. BrunelliSynchrotron Radiation Diffraction in NdFeO3P-4489
W. Szczerba, C.J. Oates, M. Sikora, M. Borowiec, Cz. Kapusta, M. Allix, M.R. Rosseinsky, R. Ruiz-Bustos, P.D. BattleXAS Study of Brownmillerites and Ruddlesden-Popper ManganitesP-4590
K. Szpotkowski, M. Kozak, M. Kempka, S. JurgaSAXS, NMR and DSC Studies of DMPC/DHPC Bicellar SystemP-4691
P. Vagovic, D. Korytár, P. Mikulík, C. FerrariX-Ray Optics for HRXRD Measurements and X-ray ImagingP-4792
E. Wierzbicka, A. Kłos, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska, W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, W. GraeffSynchrotron Radiation and Conventional X-ray Topography of Nd Doped GdCa4O(BO3)3 CrystalsP-4893
W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, A. Malinowska, E. Wierzbicka, K. Grasza, E. Tymicki, W. GraeffTopographic and Reticulographic Synchrotron Investigation of SiC CrystalsP-4994
W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, D. Żymierska, W. Graeff, T. Czosnyka, and J. ChoińskiSynchrotron Studies of Burried Layered Stuctures Obtained by Implantation with Swift Heavy Ions in Silicon Single CrystalsP-5095
Regular contributions
R.J. Davies, M. Burghammer, C. RiekelAn Overview of the ESRF’s ID13 Microfocus Beamline 96
A. Lausi, E. Busetto, M. Leoni, P. ScardiThe MCX project: a Powder Diffraction beamline at ELETTRA 100
Y. Cerenius, C. SvenssonA High-Resolution Powder Diffraction and Small/Wide Angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) Beamline on MAX IV 105
C. Lathe, H.J. Müller, F.R. Schilling, H.J. Reichmann, J. LauterjungHARWI-II: A New High Pressure Beamline Equipped with a Large-Volume Press, MAX200x 111
W. PaszkowiczNinety Years of Powder Diffraction: from Birth to Maturity 115
P. PiszoraAbout the Beginning of Powder X-ray Diffraction in Poland – a Story of Two Merit Apparatus 127
D. ŻymierskaNews from the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society 130
D. ŻymierskaPolskie Towarzystwo Promieniowania Synchrotronowego 132
 Warsztaty Naukowe: Zastosowanie Absorpcji Rentgenowskiej do Określania Lokalnej Struktury Atomowej i Elektronowej Materiałów. 134
 7. Krajowe Sympozjum Użytkowników Promieniowania Synchrotronowego, Poznań, 24-26 września 2007 135
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 Conference proceedings of meetings organised and co-organised by Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society, 1992-2005 138
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