The Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science (ISSN 1644-7190) journal addresses the wide areas of research employing synchrotrons, X-ray Free Electron Lasers and alternative radiation sources to study the properties of matter. Content of the SRNS journal covers recent developments in instrumentation related to synchrotron radiation and X-ray Free Electron Laser sources and provides a forum for reporting the most recent achievements in fundamental and applied research, such as novel applications in physics, chemistry, materials science, biology and medicine. The journal is published since 2002 by Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society.

Detailed topics of Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science will include:


– synchrotron and alternative radiation sources;

– alternative broadband and tunable sources of electromagnetic radiation;

– advances in 3-rd & 4th generation insertion devices;

– novel technological solutions

– beamlines and laboratory instrumentation; 

– free electron lasers;


– X-ray diffraction and X-ray scattering;

– X-ray absorption and X-ray fluorescence;

– photoelectron and Auger spectroscopies;

– imaging, tomography, 3-dimensional X-ray holography;

– IR/UV spectroscopy


organic and inorganic, solids, thin films and nanostructures, solutions, molecules, atoms.

Applications: in physics, chemistry, materials science, heritage science, nanotechnology, materials characterization, in situ and operando measurements, medical and biological research, protein crystallography, structural studies, time-resolved studies.