Volume 1, Number 1-2, June 2002

vol. 1
B. Orlowski Synchrotron beams brighten the blanks up (PSRS President’s address) 1
W. Paszkowicz The Bulletin – a new forum for Polish synchrotron-radiation users (Editorial) 2
D. Zymierska The double jubilee 3
J. Auleytner Moje uwagi dotyczace historii utworzenia Polskiego Towarzystwa Promieniowania Synchrotronowego (My remarks concerning the creation of Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society) 4
6-th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science, ISSRNS’2002
ISSRNS – general information 6
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska ISSRNS – Welcome address 7
ISSRNS – programme 8
Abstracts of plenary lectures
G. Margaritondo The future X-ray sources: new ideas and new plans L-1 10
R.J. Cernik Daresbury accelerator based science for the 21st century L-2 10
S. Mobilio X-ray absorption spectroscopy L-3 11
S. Pascarelli, O. Mathon, and G. Aquilanti New opportunities for high pressure X-ray absorption spectroscopy using dispersive optics L-4 11
M. Taniguchi High-resolution photoemission spectroscopy of d,f electron systems at Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center L-5 12
J. Ghijsen, R.L. Johnson, A. Rajagopal, and N. Koch Photoemission studies on materials for organic light-emitting diodes L-6 14
D. Attwood Soft X-ray microscopy and EUV lithography: imaging in the 20­40 nm regime L-7 14
F. Gozzo, B. Schmitt, Th. Bortolamedi, M. Lange, D. Meister, D. Maden, P. Willmott, and B. Patterson First experiments at the Swiss Ligth Source Materials Science Beamline powder endstation L-8 15
M.C. Richter, P. Bencok, R. Brochier, V. Ilakovac, O. Heckman, and K. Hricovini Resonant photoemission and XMCD on Mn-based systems L-9 16
E. Holub-Krappe Spin reorientation transition in magnetic thin layers L-10 17
A. Cricenti, R. Generosi, M. Luce, P. Perfetti, G. Margaritondo, J.S. Sanghera, I.D. Aggarwal, N.H. Tolk, A. Congiu-Castellano, M.A. Rizzo, and D.W. Piston FEL nanospectroscopy: latest applications in material science and biology L-11 18
J.C. Dore, R.E. Benfield, D. Grandjean, M. Kröll, and D. Le Bolloch Structural studies of mesoporous membranes and metal nanowires with synchrotron X-rays L-12 18
G. Sankar Application of combined X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy to the study of catalytic materials L-13 19
L.C. Duda, T. Schmitt, and J. Nordgren Resonant soft X-ray emission of liquids and solids L-14 20
W. Drube Applications of tunable high-energy photoemission L-15 22
P.-O. Nilsson Electronic and atomic structure of buried layers L-16 23
P. Nachimuthu, S. Matsuo, B. Farangis, D.W. Lindle, H. Wakita, and R.C.C. Perera Electronic and structural properties of “smart windows” and liquids using in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy L-17 23
G. Grübel and F. Zontone Correlation spectroscopy with coherent X-rays L-18 24
M. Jaskólski Synchrotron radiation in atomic-resolution studies of protein structure L-19 24
J. Hrdý, N. Artemiev, A. K. Freund, and J. P. Quintana Diffractive-refractive optics for synchrotron radiation L-20 25
A. Goldoni Synchrotron radiation spectroscopy of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes L-21 25
V. Holý, J. Stangl, and G. Bauer Surface-sensitive X-ray scattering from semiconductor self-organized heterostructures L-22 26
G. Vlaic, E. Fonda, and E. Tomat EXAFS in chemistry: selected applications L-23 27
J.Z. Jiang Phase transformations in metallic glasses L-24 28
A.C. Thompson X-ray fluorescence with synchrotron radiation L-25 28
D. Raoux SOLEIL Project L-26 29
Abstracts of invited original lectures
G. Falkenberg, S. Mangold, and E. Welter µ-XAFS investigations of Pb contaminated soil samples I-1 30
R.J. Iwanowski EXAFS and a new light on the concept of the covalent radius of elements – case of Mn I-2 31
R. Bacewicz and S. Podsiadlo Local structure around Mn and Fe atoms in (Ga,Mn)N and (Ga,Fe)N alloys I-3 32
Ch. Janowitz Low energy excitations in HTc´s probed by photoemission I-4 33
J. Härtwig, S. Agliozzo, J. Baruchel, M. de Boissieu, J. Gastaldi, H. Klein, and L. Mancini Structural perfection of icosahedral quasicrystal grains investigated by X-ray imaging and diffractometry I-5 34
Y. Kinjo, M. Watanabe, H. Fiedorowicz, H. Daido, E. Yanase, M. Suzuki, S. Fujii, E. Sato, and K. Shinohara Fine structures of human chromosomes observed by X-ray contact microscopy using laser-produced plasma X-rays I-6 35
J.A. Leiro, K. Kokko, and V. Kulmala Polarization dependent X-ray spectra of MgB2 I-7 35
L. Wcislak, H.J. Bunge, H. Klein, and J.R. Schneider Polycrystalline microstructure analysis and imaging with hard (100 keV) synchrotron X-rays I-8 37
R. Przenioslo, I. Sosnowska, W. Van Beek, E. Suard, and A. Hewat Phase separation and anisotropic lattice expansion in CaCuxMn3­xMn4O12 I-9 38
A. Kuczumow Synchrotron-based investigations of patterned and petrified geological objects I-10 39
Abstracts of contributed papers
J.W. Sobczak, E. Sobczak, M. Hasik, A. Drelinkiewicz, and A. Kosinski Pd K-edge EXAFS studies of Pd-doped polypyrrole P-1 41
B. Mierzwa EXAFS as a tool for studies of bimetallic nanocluster structure P-2 41
M. Sikora, Cz. Kapusta, D. Zajac, L. Maksymowicz, M. Lubecka, B. Cieciwa, and E. Welter EXAFS study of in substituted magnetic semiconductor CdCr2Se4 P-3 42
E. Piskorska, K. Lawniczak­Jablonska, E. Benko, I.N. Demchenko, P. Klimczyk, E. Welter, R.C.C. Perera, and P. Nachimuthu Chemical activation of the binding phase formation in c-BN composites P-4 42
I.N. Demchenko, K. Lawniczak­Jablonska, K.S. Zhuravlev, E. Piskorska, A.I. Nikiforov, and E. Welter Studies of