Volume 3, Number 1-2, June 2004

vol. 3
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska Never give up! Poland joins the ESRF (editorial) 1
A. Blachowski, K. Ruebenbauer Sensitivity of the synchrotron radiation perturbed angular correlation method to the rotation of resonant molecules 2
Y. Cerenius, T. Ursby, S. Carlson Crystallography at MAX-lab 13
VII-th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science (Zakopane, 8-13 June, 2004)
ISSRNS Programme
Extended abstracts of plenary lectures
M. Taniguchi Recent progress in synchrotron radiation photoemission spectroscopy of solids: applications of VUV, SOFT and hard x-ray radiation L-1 22
O. Leupold Nuclear resonance scattering of synchrotron radiation – experiments under extreme conditions L-2 24
J.H. Je, S.K. Seol, Y. Hwu, W.L. Tsai, G. Margaritondo Real-time microradiology using synchrotron x-rays L-3 26
T.H. Metzger Quantum dots in the light of synchrotron radiation L-4 28
V. Holý, O. Caha, J. Novák, J. Stangl, G. Bauer Investigation of self-organized semiconductor quantum dots by synchrotron radiation scattering L-5 30
Y. Waseda Anomalous (resonance) x-ray scattering for materials characterization with synchrotron radiation L-6 32
D. Raoux SOLEIL: a third generation synchrotron for material, environmental and life sciences L-7 34
G. Materlik Diamond light source – a next generation SR facility L-8 36
D.L. Nagy Formation and transformation of domains in antiferromagnetically coupled multilayers L-9 38
J.J. Kolodziej, M. Szymonski Towards estabilishing of National Centre of Synchrotron Radiation in Poland L-10 40
Abstracts of plenary lectures
L. Gerward, J.Z. Jiang, J. Staun Olsen, J.M. Recio, A. Waskowska X-ray diffraction at high pressure and high/low temperature using synchrotron radiation. applications in studies of spinel structures L-11 42
E.J. Nordgren Soft x-ray resonant inelastic scattering for materials science L-12 43
H.R. Schober Vibrations, tunneling and atomic jumps in amorphous solids L-13 43
H. Mori, M. Chiku, K. Nishigami, E. Tanaka, K. Kimura, T. Kawai, K. Suzuki, R. Mochizuki, Y. Okawa Micro-angiographic system using synchrotron radiation and conventional x-ray source for visualizing angiogenic vessels induced by cardiovascular regeneration therapy L-14 44
A. Cricenti Infrared free electron laser nanospectroscopy in material science and biology L-15 44
M. Drakopoulos X-ray lenses: new applications for the natural sciences L-16 44
G. Faigel, Z. Jurek, M. Tegze Clusters in the XFEL beam L-17 45
P. Fischer, H. Stoll, B. v. Waeyenberge, A. Puzic, T. Eimüller, G. Schütz Looking at micromagnetic structures on short length and fast time scales with magnetic transmission soft x-ray microscopy L-18 45
V. Honkimäki High energy x-ray diffraction L-19 46
B. Ravel A practical guide to multiple scattering theory in EXAFS analysis L-20 47
A. Somogyi Application of synchrotron radiation excited x-ray microprobe techniques in environmental science L-21 47
J. Sadowski Mn in ferromagnetic semiconductor (In, Ga)MnAs – synchrotron radiation, x-ray diffraction and scanning probe studies L-22 47
M. Tegze, G. Faigel, G. Bortel, S. Marchesini, M. Belakhovsky, A. Simionovici X-ray holography: atoms in 3D L-23 48
E. Weckert, K. Balewski, W. Brefeld, W. Decking, W. Drube, H. Franz, U. Hahn, J. Pflüger, R. Rohlsberger, H. Schulte-Schrepping, M. Tischer, J.R. Schneider Petra-III: a new high-brilliance high-energy synchrotron radiation source at DESY L-24 48
J. Susini X-ray optics and x-ray microscopies: new challenges L-25 49
J. Dore, A. Burian, V. Honkimaki, A. Hannon Structural studies of nano-structured carbons: complementary x-ray and neutron techniques using short wavelengths L-26 50
W.G. Stirling X-ray and neutron scattering studies of the magnetic structures of actinide mixed crystals (UAs-USe and USb-PuSb) L-27 50
J. Majewski Synchrotron grazing incidence x- ray diffraction and reflectometry investigations of Langmuir monolayers: from simple amphiphiles to model lipid membranes and their interactions with toxins L-28 51
M. Wilmanns Novel opportunities in life sciences at synchrotron sites L-29 51
U. Mueller The protein structure factory x-ray diffraction beamlines at BESSY – results from structural studies of human proteins L-30 52
M.S. Weiss The use of longer x-ray wavelengths in protein crystallography L-31 52
F. Gozzo High-resolution and time-resolved synchrotron radiation powder diffractometry at the Swiss Light Source L-32 53
E. Umbach Direct observation of organic layer growth by dynamic spectro-microscopy using high-brilliance synchrotron radiation L-33 53
F. Boscherini X-ray absorption in materials science and nanostructures: recent results and outlook L-34 54
C. Janowitz Exploring the phase diagram of the Bi-cuprates by photoemission L-35 54
L. Wcislak, H.J. Bunge, H. Klein, U. Garbe, J.R. Schneider High-resolution XRD and imaging nano-, meso-, and micro-structured advanced materials by moving area detector method with high-energy synchrotron radiation L-36 55
Extended abstracts of oral presentations
S. Mickevicius, B.A. Orlowski, M. Andrulevicius, S. Tamulevicius, J. Puiso, L.T. Baczewski, A. Maneikis X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of MBE grown Gd/EuTe multilayers O-1 56
I.A. Kowalik, B.J. Kowalski, P. Kaczor, B.A. Orlowski, E. Lusakowska, R.L. Johnson, L. Houssian, J. Brison, I. Grzegory, S. Porowski Ti interaction with GaN surface – a resonant photoemission study O-2 58
I.N. Demchenko, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, Z. Liliental-Weber, M.Chernyshova, E. Piskorska, M. Walczak, V. Glukhanuyk, D.N. Zakharov, M. Klepka, K.S. Zhuravlev, E. Welter Studies of Ge/Si nanostructures: PL, EXAFS and TEM O-3 59
P. Zajdel, A. Kisiel, J. Warczewski, J. Konior, L.I. Koroleva, J. Krok-Kowalski, P. Gusin, E. Burattini, G. Cinque, A. Grilli, R.V. Demin The influence of the concentration of Sb5+ions onto the local crystal and electronic structures of CuCr2-xSbxS4 (x=0.3, 0.4, 0.5) studied by XANES and EXAFS measurements and LAPW numerical calculations O-4 61
Abstracts of oral presentations
W. Gawelda, C. Bressler, M. Saes, M. Kaiser, S. Johnson, D. Grolimund, R. Abela, M. Chergui Electronic and molecular structure of excited ruthenium polypiridyl complexes from picosecond x-ray absorption spectroscopy O-5 63
H. Mori, M. Shirai, S. Takeda, J.T. Pearson, Y. Hisanaga, T. Igarashi, D.O. Schwenke Application of protein crystallography and in-situ x-ray diffraction measurement toward fundamental understanding and development of specific drugs for intractable myocardial diseases O-6 63
P. Lecante, C. Amiens, D. Zitoun, R.E. Benfield, M.C. Fromen, M.J. Casanove, B. Chaudret Combined WAXS, HREM and EXAFS structural study of bimetallic nanoparticles O-7 64
A. Witkowska, J. Rybicki, A. Di Cicco Structure of partially reduced bismuth-silicate glasses: a combined EXAFS and MD study O-8 65
M. Sikora, D. Zajac, C.J. Oates, M. Borowiec, D. Rybicki, J. Stepien, Cz. Kapusta, J.M. DeTeresa, M.R. Ibarra XMCD study of double perovskites (Sr,Ba,Ca)2FeReO6 O-9 66
B. Beckhoff, A. Gottwald, R. Klein, M. Kolbe, M. Krumrey, C. Laubis, R. Müller, M. Richter, F. Scholze, A.A. Sorokin, R. Thornagel, G. Ulm The PTB laboratory at BESSY II – radiometry with synchrotron radiation O-10 67
Extended abstracts of poster presentations
Z. Kaszkur, B. Mierzwa The Warren-Averbach method of peak shape analysis tested by atomistic ab-initio modeling of nanocrystals P-01 68
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, M. Walczak, A. Sienkiewicz, M. Chernyshova, I.N. Demchenko, E. Piskorska, D.S. Bohle X-ray absorption for characterizing local environment in malaria pigment P-02 70
J.W. Sobczak, E. Sobczak, M. Krawczyk, A. Drelinkiewicz, M. Hasik XANES and EXAFS studies of Pt-doped polymers P-03 72
B. Mierzwa EXAFS studies of bimetallic palladium-cobalt nanoclusters using molecular dynamics simulations P-04 74
Ya. Losovyj, D. Wisbey, P.A. Dowben The photoemission from the gadolinium submonolayers on W(112) P-05 76
I.A. Kowalik, B.J. Kowalski, R.J. Iwanowski, E. Lusakowska, J. Sadowski, I. Grzegory, S. Porowski Mn, GaMn and MnAs on GaN(0001)-(1×1) surface P-06 78
B.J. Kowalski, I.A. Kowalik, R.J. Iwanowski, B.A. Orlowski, E. Lusakowska, J. Sadowski, J. Kanski, J. Ghijsen, F. Mirabella, P. Perlin, S. Porowski, I. Grzegory, M. Leszczynski Photoemission studies of Ga0.92In0.08N(0001) and GaN(0001) P-07 80
E. Piskorska, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, E. Benko, I.N. Demchenko, P. Klimczyk, E. Welter Physical and mechanical properties of Ti composites based on the c-BN P-08 82
W. Paszkowicz, R. Minikayev, P. Piszora, M. Knapp, C. Bähtz, J.Z. Jiang, Y. Cerenius A comparative Rietveld refinement study of spinel-type Si3N4 P-09 84
J. Grochowski, M. Markiewicz, P. Serda, J. Jamrozik, G. Zak, C. Baehtz, M. Knapp Structure analysis of new spiro and dispiro systems with seven-membered ring using classical and synchrotron radiation sources P-10 86
J. Bak-Misiuk, J. Härtwig, A. Shalimov, A. Misiuk, J. Trela Revealing the structural disturbances in Czochralski silicon by high temperature-pressure treatment P-11 88
J.Z. Domagala, J. Bak-Misiuk, J. Sadowski J. Härtwig, A. Misiuk, J. Trela The evolution of GaMnAs defect structure after high pressure treatment P-12 89
E. Dynowska, I.N. Demchenko, R. Minikayev, J.B. Pelka, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, K.S. Zhuravlev, O.H. Seeck X-ray diffraction studies of multilayered self-assembled ultra-small Ge quantum dots P-13 90
K. Fronc, R. Minikayev, W. Paszkowicz, J.B. Pelka, W. Szuszkiewicz, E. Dynowska, O.H. Seeck, B. Hennion, F. Ott Structural properties of Fe/FeN multilayers P-14 92
W.M. Kwiatek, A. Banas, M. Gajda, M. Galka, G. Falkenberg, T. Cichocki Cancerous tissues analyzed by XANES and SRIXE P-15 94
W.M. Kwiatek, A. Banas, M. Gajda, M. Galka, G. Falkenberg, T. Cichocki Iron studies in cancerous and non-cancerous prostate tissues P-16 95
Abstracts of poster presentations
M. Szczerbowska-Boruchowska, J. Chwiej, M. Lankosz, D. Adamek, S. Wójcik, A. Krygowska-Wajs, B. Tomik, S. Bohic, J. Susini, A. Simionovici, P. Dumas Determination of trace elements and organic components inside single nerve cells with the use of synchrotron radiation P-17 97
J. Chwiej, M. Szczerbowska-Boruchowska, S. Wójcik, M. Lankosz, M. Chlebda, D. Adamek, B. Tomik, Z. Setkowicz, G. Falkenberg Implementation of x-ray microscopy for investigation of elemental abnormalities in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis P-18 98
A. Andrejczuk, L. Dobrzynski, C. Bellin, J. Kwiatkowska, F. Maniawski, E. Zukowski, S. Kaprzyk, A. Shukla A study of electron momentum density in Ni0.75Co0.25 and Ni0.75Cu0.25 disordered alloys by high resolution Compton spectrometry P-19 99
A. Jablonska, A. Burian, T.H. Metzger, M. Hamilton, D. LeBolloch, D. Raoux Differential anomalous x-ray scattering studies of amorphous In-Se P-20 99
Y. Halahovets, Y. Chushkin, E. Majkova, A. Satka M. Giersig, M. Hilgendorff, V. Holý, T.H. Metzger GISAXS study of Co nanoparticles arrays P-21 100
R. Bacewicz, K. Pekala, P. Jaskiewicz, J. Antonowicz XAFS study of amorphous Al-RE-TM alloys P-22 100
A. Wolska, A. Molak, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, E. Piskorska, I.N. Demchenko, I. Gruszka, D.W. Lindle Mn K-edge XANES of (Na1-xBix)(MnyNb1-y)O3-z compounds after oxygen reduction P-23 101
B.A. Orlowski, I.A. Kowalik, B.J. Kowalski, N. Barrett, I. Grzegory, S. Porowski Photoemission study of Fe/GaN(0001) surface P-24 102
M. Sikora, B. Sobanek, C.J. Oates, M. Borowiec, D. Zajac, D. Rybicki, B. Majcher, Cz. Kapusta, C. Autret, K. Knízek, Z. Jirák, F. Bondino, M. Zangrando, C. Marquina XANES study of Mn and Co valence state in LaMn1-xCoxO3 P-25 102
B.A. Orlowski, S. Mickevicius, V. Osinniy, A.J. Nadolny, B. Taliashvili, P. Dziawa, T. Story, R. Medicherla, W. Drube High-energy photoemission spectra of (EuGd)Te layers P-26 103
J. Szade, B. Tyszka, W. Burian, M. Matteucci, F. Bondino, M. Zacchigna, and M. Zangrando Photoemission investigation of GdTiGe P-27 104
B. Tyszka, J. Szade, W. Burian, M. Sikora, D. Zajac,Cz. Kapusta, M. Matteucci, F. Bondino, M. Zacchigna, M. Zangrando Investigation of Gd compounds using synchrotron radiation P-28 104
C.J. Oates, Cz. Kapusta, M. Sikora, D. Zajac, B. Sobanek, J. Zukrowski, F. Bondino, M. Zangrando, P.D. Battle, M.J. Rosseinsky A XANES study on Ca2.5Sr0.5GaMn2O8bilayered manganate and n=1,2 layered Ru doped Ruddlesden-Popper magnanates P-29 105
M. Borowiec, Cz. Kapusta, M. Sikora, D. Zajac, D. Rybicki, B. Sobanek, C.J. Oates, P. Fischer, G. Schütz XANES and X-MCD study of Nd2TM17Ax(TM=Fe, Co; A=N,H) compounds P-30 106
M. Borowiec, D. Owoc, M. Sikora, C.J. Oates, D. Zajac, D. Rybicki, D. Nowak, B. Sobanek, Z. Kakol, Cz. Kapusta, E. Welter An EXAFS study of Fe3-xMxO4(M=Al,Ti,Zn) P-31 106
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, M. Jablonski, M. Klepka, M. Walczak, Z. Spolnik, R. Van Grieken EPMA and x-ray absorption study of the altered ilmenite sands used in pigments production P-32 107
J. Kusz, Zhi Yu, P. Gütlich Phase transition in the [Fe(dpp)2(NCS)2].py spin crossover compound P-33 108
J. Goraus, A. Slebarski, M. Neumann Electronic structure of mixed valence compounds CexSny P-34 109
L. Hawelek, J. Koloczek1, A. Burian, J.C. Dore, T. Kyotani, V. Honkimäki Application of image plate for structural studies of carbon nanotubes by high-energy x-ray diffraction P-35 110
J. Koloczek, L. Hawelek, A. Burian, J.C. Dore, T. Kyotani, V. Honkimäki Modeling studies of carbon nanotubes – comparison of simulations and x-ray diffraction data P-36 110
W. Paszkowicz, R.Minikayev, M. Knapp, C. Bähtz, P. Piszora Rietveld refinement study of low-temperature thermal expansion of hexagonal boron nitride P-37 111
P. Piszora Phase transitions in quenched structures of lithium deficient Li1-xMn2+xO4 P-38 112
W. Nowicki, J. Darul, P. Piszora, E. Wolska High resolution diffraction studies with synchrotron radiation on the structure of Li0.95Mn2.05O4 spinel P-39 113
J. Darul, W. Nowicki, P. Piszora, E. Wolska Synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction studies on the order-disorder phase transition in lithium ferrites P-40 114
A. Waskowska, V.A. Sidorov, L. Gerward, J. Staun Olsen, M. Maczka, W. Morgenroth Phase transitions in Sc2(MoO4)3P under high pressure and temperature P-41 115
W. Slawinski, R. Przenioslo, I. Sosnowska, E. Suard Investigations of the spin reorientation phase transition in NdFeO3 P-42 115
A. Palewicz, T. Szumiata, R. Przenioslo, I. Sosnowska, W. Van Beek Synchrotron radiation and Mössbauer studies of the magneto-electric oxide BiFeO3 P-43 116
W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, W. Graeff, E. Olszynska, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska Investigation of defects distribution along the growth direction in GdCOB crystals by synchrotron and conventional x-ray topography P-44 117
A. Shalimov, J. Bak-Misiuk, J. Domagala, A. Misiuk, J. Kaniewski, K. Reginski, W.Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, W. Graeff, J. Trela Effect of annealing under high hydrostatic pressure on defect structure of AIII BV semiconducting layers P-45 118
K. Wieteska, W. Wierzchowski, W. Graeff, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska, E. Olszynska, A. Malinowska Synchrotron white beam topography studies of SrLaGaO4 crystals P-46 119
D. Klinger, E. Lusakowska, D. Zymierska, B. Kozankiewicz, J. Auleytner Nanostructure of the Si-Sn near-surface layers created by ion implantation and laser pulse annealing (extended abstract) P-47 120
R. Klein, R. Müller, F. Scholze Irradiation stability and linearity of silicon photodiodes for EUV radiation P-48 122
Y. Ufuktepe, J. Luning X-ray photoabsorption and total electron yield of Fe thin films at the L2,3 edge P-49 122
H. Fiedorowicz, A. Bartnik, R. Jarocki, J. Kostecki, J. Mikolajczyk, R. Rakowski, A. Szczurek, M. Szczurek Compact laser plasma EUV source based on a gas puff target for metrology applications P-50 123
M. Abo Bakr, P. Budz, K. Bürkmann-Gehrlein, A. Gottwald, R. Klein, D. Krämer, R. Müller, J. Rahn, M. Richter, R. Thornagel, G. Ulm, G. Wüstefeld The Metrology Light Source of PTB in Berlin-Adlershof P-51 124
R. Mroczka, G. Zukocinski, A. Kuczumow Preliminary syntheses of capillaries for x-ray optics P-52 124
ISSRNS 2004 authors’ index 125
D. Zymierska In memoriam: Professor Julian Jan Auleytner 129
W. Szuszkiewicz 40 years of research with photons in DESY 130
D. Zymierska News from the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society 132
A. Kisiel Letter to Editor 133
Announcement : E-MRS Symposium D “Applications of Linear and Area Detectors for X-ray and Neutron Diffraction and Spectroscopy” (Warsaw, Poland, 6-10 September 2004) 133
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