Volume 7, Number 1-2, June 2008

vol. 7                  ALL IN ONE FILE Bulletin vol. 07 (33MB)
Editorial board I
Polskie Towarzystwo Promieniowania Synchrotronowego
W. Paszkowicz Editorial 1
J. Pełka, W. Paszkowicz, and E.A. Görlich Synchrotron Light News 1
Synchrotrons in East-Central Europe 3
Regular contributions
L. Gerward Professor Bronislaw Buras: The energy-dispersive method and synchrotron radiation 4
A. Kisiel My first experiences with synchrotron radiation 10
W.K. Wierzchowski Investigation of diamonds at SRS in Daresbury and at Royal Holloway College 13
G. Kowalski Daresbury Laboratory in the 1980s – Bristol University x-ray group 16
J. Kucytowski and K. Wokulska Krzem jako wzorzec w badaniach współczesnych materiałów 19
D. Żymierska News from the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society 23
D. Żymierska Central Laboratory of X-ray and Electron Microscopy Research at the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw 25
ISSRNS — 9th: International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science 2008
ISSRNS 2008 – information 31
ISSRNS 2008 – programme 32
Welcome 34
ISSRNS 2008: Invited lectures and oral presentations
J. Baruchel Advances and trends in hard x-ray SR-base imaging L1
D. Pelliccia, C. Giannini, L. De Caro, A. Cedola, I. Bukreeva, and S. Lagomarsino Advancement in x-ray waveguides and their applications in coherent diffraction imaging L2 37
J.H. Je, B.M. Weon, S.K. Seol, J.M. Yi, Y. Hwu, and G. Margaritondo X-ray imaging in micro-to-nano world L3
P. Korecki Real-space imaging of atomic structure L4 40
M. Kiskinova Imaging and spectromicroscopy of micro- and nano-materials L5 41
D.L. Nagy, L. Bottyán, A.I. Chumakov, L. Deák, E. Harth, M. Major, J. Meersschaut, D.G. Merkel, R. Rüffer, E. Szilágyi, F. Tanczikó, and D. Visontai Synchrotron Mössbauer reflectometry observation and cellular automaton simulation of domain formation and transformation in antiferromagnetically coupled Fe/Cr multilayers L6
A.J. Wojtowicz and S. Janus VUV luminescence of BaF2:Er and (Ba,La)F2:Er L7
W. Tabiś, J. Kusz, N. Kim-Ngan Tarnawska, Z. Tarnawski, F. Zontone, Z. Kąkol, and A. Kozłowski Structural changes at the Verwey transition in Fe3O4 L8
H.A. Dürr Electron and spin correlations in complex materials on nm length and fs time scales L9 49
M. Švec, V. Dudr, M. Vondráček, P. Jelínek, P. Mutombo, V. Cháb, F. Šutara, V. Matolíın, and K.C. Prince Intra-atomic charge re-organization at the Pb-Si interface: Bonding mechanism at low coverage L10
E. Guziewicz, T. Durakiewicz, J.J. Joyce, and C.G. Olson Localized and itinerant 5f states in actinide materials as seen by photoemission spectroscopy L11 53
A. Gourrier, C. Riekel, and J. Doucet Revealing the nanostructure of biological materials using scanning x-ray imaging with SAXS contrast L12
B. Palosz, E. Grzanka, S. Gierlotka, and S. Stelmakh Nanocrystals under high pressure L13 57
T. Tschentscher Scientific applications of x-ray free-electron laser sources L14
T.W. Wysokinski, D. Chapman, E. Hallin, and M. Renier Developing modern Biomedical Imaging and Therapy Facility at the synchrotron – challenges and unknowns L15 60
P. Grochulski, M. Fodje, N. Strynadka, and L. Delbaere Towards full automation at the Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility L16 61
P. Piszora, W. Nowicki, J. Darul, S. Carlson, and Y. Cerenius In-situ high-pressure observation of Jahn-Teller effect in lithium-manganese oxides L17 62
J.B. Pelka, R. Sobierajski, W. Paszkowicz, J. Krzywinski, D. Klinger, M. Jurek, D. Zymierska, A. Wawro, L. Juha, V. Hajkova, H. Wabnitz, S. Toleikis, T. Tschentscher, K. Sokolowski-Tinten, R. London, S. Hau-Riege, C. Riekel, R. Davies, M. Burghammer, E. Dynowska, W. Szuszkiewicz, W. Caliebe, and R. Nietubyc Damage of solids exposed to intense XUV free electron laser single shots. Post-situ characterization by x-ray microdiffraction, optical microscopy and AFM L18 63
H. Grigoriew Non-typical, including structural transition, gelation process of monosaccharides L19
C.M. Schneider, I. Krug, M. Müller, F. Matthes, S. Cramm, F. Wegelin, A. Oelsner, S.A. Nepijko, A. Krasyuk, C.S. Fadley, and G. Schönhense Investigating spintronics thin film systems with synchrotron radiation L20
P. Glatzel Hard x-ray photon-in-photon-out spectroscopy with lifetime resolution – of XAS, XES, RIXSS and HERFD L21
J. Hölsä, M. Kirm, T. Laamanen, M. Lastusaari, and J. Niittykoski Synchrotron radiation studies of persistent luminescence materials L22 72
T. Tyliszczak Application of scanning transmission x-ray microscopy in natural science L23 73
E. Welter, K. Hansen, C. Reckleben, and I. Diehl A monolithic 7 cell silicon drift detector module for x-ray spectroscopy L24
I.A. Kowalik, B.J. Kowalski, M. Sawicki, M. Pietrzyk, J. Sadowski, E. Łusakowska, I. Grzegory, and S. Porowski Electronic structure and magnetic properties of self-organized MnSb and MnAs dots grown by MBE on GaN surface L25
M.A. Pietrzyk, B.J. Kowalski, B.A. Orlowski, W. Knoff, T. Story, and R.L. Johnson Comparison of the valence band of the Mn/GeTe, Mn/GeMnTe and Mn/GeEuTe layers L26
A. Kubala-Kukuś, D. Banaś, W. Cao, J.-Cl. Dousse, J. Hoszowska, Y. Kayser, M. Pajek, J. Szlachetko, M. Szlachetko, M. Salomé, and J. Susini Application of a high-resolution grazing emission x-ray fluorescence in material sciences L27 81
B. Ravel, S. Slimmer, X. Meng, and Y. Lu EXAFS studies of the metal binding site in catalytic DNA sensors L28 82
C. Meneghini and S. Mobilio Recent advances in x-ray absorption spectroscopy L29 83
C. Bressler, R. Abela, and M. Chergui Femtosecond and picosecond x-ray spectroscopy studies L30
R. Belkhou X-PEEM nanospectroscopy applied to nanomagnetism L31
M.W. Haverkort Soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy and magnetic circular and linear dichroism in thin films L32 90
E.A. Görlich Proposed technical concepts and time scenario for Polish Synchrotron Light Source L33 91
J.M. Michalik, M. Sikora, Cz. Kapusta, J.M. De Teresa, and O. Mathon XMCD in the Cr-Re and Fe-Re based double perovskite at high pulsed magnetic fields L34 92
M. Sikora, C. Adelhelm, M. Balden, K. Schneider, Cz. Kapusta, and P. Glatzel Nanocrystalization in vanadium doped carbon films studied by means of x-ray emission spectroscopy L35 93
M.T. Klepka, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, and I.N. Demchenko XAFS determination of local atomic arrangement of iron in Fe-chitosan complexes L36
D.A. Zając, K. Pacławski, Cz. Kapusta, and K. Fitzner X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of platinum chloride complex ions in aqueous solutions L37 96
M.S. Walczak, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, A. Wolska, M. Sikora, A. Sienkiewicz, L. Suárez, A. Kosar, M.J. Bellemare, and D.S. Bohle XANES and EXAFS studies of malarial pigment’s substitutes in reaction with antimalarial drug L38 97
A.N. Fitch High resolution powder diffraction L39
D. Rolles Imaging nanoscale objects by femtosecond x-ray diffraction with a soft-x-ray free electron laser L40 101
G. Vankó Temperature and pressure-induced spin-state transitions: Applications of high-resolution x-ray spectroscopy L41
K. Polewski Temporal structure of SR – application to study biomolecules in UV and visible range L42 105
A. Burian Determination of partial structure factors using a third generation synchrotron source: \ind-Se amorphous films L43 106
ISSRNS 2008: Poster presentations
W. Olszewski, K. Szymański, P. Zaleski, and D.A. Zając EXAFS analysis of Fe2+ water and acetone based solution P1 107
D.A. Zając, Z.T. Lalowicz, A. Birczyński, and A.M. Szymocha X-ray absorption spectroscopy for partially deuterated ammonium hexachloropalladate P2
E. Wierzbicka, J. Gronkowski, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska, and J. Härtwig White beam synchrotron radiation and conventional x-ray topography of GdCOB:Y crystal P3 110
A. Malinowska, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska, K. Wieteska, W. Wierzchowski, W. Graeff, and A. Pajączkowska X-ray topographic studies of crystal lattice defects in Ca0.25Sr0.75NdAlO4 single crystal P4 111
I.A. Kowalik, E. Guziewicz, Ł. Wachnicki, K. Kopalko, A. Wójcik, E. Łusakowska, and M. Godlewski Electronic structure of Mn deposited ZnMnO films grown by ALD technique – a resonant-photoemission-spectroscopy study P5 112
T. Tataryn, D. Savytskii, L. Vasylechko, D. Trots, and U. Bismayer Crystal and twin structures of the ZrO2:Sc2O3 crystals P6 113
H. Vita, T. Zandt, L. Dudy, C. Janowitz, and R. Manzke BEST – Beamline for Education and Scientific Training – a new VUV beamline at BESSY II P7 114
T.V. Basyuk, T. Tataryn, L.O. Vasylechko, S. Fadyeev, I.I. Syvorotka, D. Trots, and R. Niewa Phase and structural behaviour of the PrAlO3-LaAlO3 pseudo-binary system P8 115
G. Tatoń, E. Rokita, A. Wróbel, F. Beckmann, P. Thor, and M. Worek Microtomography of renal calculi P9
P. Romanowski, J. Bak-Misiuk, E. Dynowska, A. Misiuk, J.Z. Domagala, and W. Caliebe Effect of annealing on the structural properties of Si:Mn P10 118
S. Mickevičius, S. Grebinskij, V. Bondarenka, H. Tvardauskas, M. Senulis, V. Lisauskas, K. Sliužienë, and B.A. Orlowski Electronic structure and hydro-oxidation of LaNiO3-δ thin films P11 119
M. Brancewicz, A. Andrejczuk, Y. Sakurai, M. Itou, L. Dobrzyński, E. Żukowski, and S. Kaprzyk Electron momentum density of hexagonal magnesium studied by high resolution Compton scattering P12 120
R. Bacewicz, W. Zalewski, M. Wierzbicki, S. Schorr, and B. Korzun XANES of Mn in CuIIIS2 (III = Al, Ga, In) chalcopyrites P13 121
J. Darul, W. Nowicki, and P. Piszora Preparation and diffraction studies of polycrystalline Cu-Fe materials P14 122
R. Nietubyć, E. Czerwosz, R. Diduszko, and M. Kozłowski Short range order in Pd and PdO nanoparticles embedded in carbonaceous matrix studied with the XAFS spectroscopy P15 123
W. Szczerba, M. Sikora, P. Chometowski, Cz. Kapusta, D.A. Zając, C. Marquina, D. Serrate, and M.R. Ibarra XAFS study of surface oxidised Fe particles P16 124
W.K. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, A. Turos, W. Graeff, R. Ratajczak, G. Gawlik, and J. Jagielski Strain profiles in 6H SiC crystals implanted with 160 keV H+ ions P17 125
P. Seremak-Peczkis, K. Schneider, W. Zajączkowski, Cz. Kapusta, D.A. Zając, P. Pasierb, E. Drożdż-Cieśla, and M. Rękas XAFS study of BaCe1-xTixO3 protonic solid electrolytes P18 126
K. Schneider, Cz. Kapusta, D.A. Zając, C.I. Marquina, and M.R. Ibarra XAS study of carbon coated Fe and Fe3O4 derived nanoparticles P19 127
K. Schneider, A. Padoł, M. Sikora, Cz. Kapusta, K. Michalow, T. Graule, A. Heel, M. Radecka, M. Rekas, and D.A. Zając XAFS study of Mo and w doped TiO2 nanopowders P20 128
B.A. Orlowski, B.J. Kowalski, E. Lusakowska, I.A. Kowalik, M.A. Pietrzyk, E. Guziewicz, E. Nossarzewska-Orlowska, and R.L. Johnson Microscopic and resonant photoemission study of Si\Gd P21
B.A. Orlowski, M.A. Pietrzyk, V. Osinniy, M. Szot, E. Lusakowska, K. Grasza, and R.L. Johnson Photoemission study of SiC (0001) surface with deposited Mn atoms P22 131
K. Pacławski, D.A. Zając, K. Fitzner, and Cz. Kapusta XAS studies of the reaction of gold(III) complex ions with the sodium hydroxide and glucose in acidic and alkaline aqueous solution P23 132
J. Gaca, J. Gronkowski, A. Jasik, K. Pierściński, M. Tokarczyk, and M. Wojcik Determination of lateral inhomogeneity of the chemical composition profile of AlAs/GaAs distributed Bragg reflectors grown by MBE on (100)-oriented GaAs substrate P24 133
J.B. Pelka XRADMED – biomedical facility for diagnostics and therapy at Polish synchrotron in Cracow: A conceptual design P25 134
E. Dynowska, W. Szuszkiewicz, J.Z. Domagala, E. Janik, T. Wojtowicz, and W. Caliebe The crystallographic structure of catalytically grown ZnTe and ZnMgTe nanowires P26
A. Misiuk, K. Wieteska, J. Bak-Misiuk, W. Wierzchowski, P. Romanowski, A. Wnuk, B. Surma, W. Graeff, and M. Prujszczyk Defects in Si-Ge annealed under high hydrostatic pressure P27 137
E. Piskorska-Hommel, A. Wolska, I.N. Demchenko, J.I. Flege, R. Hildebrand, T. Yamaguchi, and D. Hommel Structural studies of wide-gap quantum dots based on InGaN P28 138
R. Hildebrand, T. Schmidt, A. Zargham, C. Kruse, K. Otte, D. Hommel, and J. Falta XRR investigations of II-VI and III-nitride based DBR structures, multilayers and superlattices P29 139
A. Wolska, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, M.T. Klepka, J. Sadowski, E. Holub-Krappe, A. Persson, and D. Arvanitis X-ray absorption and magnetic circular dichroism on MnSb layers grown by MBE P30
M. Wasiucionek, R. Bacewicz, J. Antonowicz, J.E. Garbarczyk, and P. Jóźwiak A Fe-XANES study of amorphous analogs of phospho-olivines LixFePO4 P31 142
A. Wolska, B.J. Kowalski, M. Pietrzyk, W. Knoff, and T. Story XAFS study of the Ge1-xEuxTe and Ge1-xMnxTe thin layers P32
R. Sobierajski, M. Jurek, D. Klinger, J. Krzywinski, J.B. Pełka, L. Juha, J. Chalupský, J. Cihelka, V. Hajkova, U. Jastrow, S. Toleikis, H. Wabnitz, K. Sokolowski-Tinten, N. Stojanovic, S. Hau Riege, R. London, and A.R. Khorsand Interaction of intense ultrashort XUV pulses with silicon P33 145
D. Klinger, R. Sobierajski, M. Jurek, J. Krzywinski, J.B. Pelka, D. Żymierska, J. Chalupský, L. Juha, V. Hájková, J. Cihelka, T. Burian, L. Vyąín, H. Wabnitz, K. Tiedtke, S. Toleikis, T. Tschentscher, R. London, S. Hau-Riege, K. Sokolowski-Tinten, N. Stojanovic, J. Hajdu, A.R. Khorsand, and A.J. Gleeson Laser ablation of amorphous SiO2 by ultra-short pulses of XUV free electron laser P34
M.T. Klepka, R. Minikayev, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, A. Wolska, I.N. Demchenko, and M. Jablonski Natural minerals – the major and minor elements chemical bonding P35 148
J. Bak-Misiuk, J.Z. Domagala, E. Dynowska, P. Romanowski, J. Sadowski, A. Misiuk, and W. Caliebe Creation of MnAs nanoclusters at processing of GaMnAs P36 149
J. Bak-Misiuk, E. Dynowska, P. Romanowski, J.Z. Domagala, J. Sadowski, R. Jakiela, and W. Caliebe Structural properties of MnSb layers grown on GaAs substrate P37 150
B.J. Kowalski, M.A. Pietrzyk, W. Knoff, J. Sadowski, J. Adell, and T. Story Angle-resolved photoemission study of GeTe and Ge1-xMnxTe P38 151
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, A. Wolska, J. Libera, M.T. Klepka, J. Sadowski, E. Holub-Krappe, A. Persson, and D. Arvanitis Ga interstitial site occupation by Mn atoms in GaAs: EXAFS and XANES evidence P39
W. Paszkowicz, P. Piszora, Y. Cerenius, S. Carlson, and R. Minikayev Silver behenate under pressure: A preliminary study P40 154
E. Werner-Malento, W. Paszkowicz, J. Fidelus, M. Godlewski, and S. Yatsunenko Structure modification of Pr-doped ZrO2-Y2O3 after heat treatment at 1200oC P41 155
S. Abd El All and G.A. El-Shobaky Effect of γ-rays on the structure and electrical properties of ZnO/TiO2 ceramics P42 156
M. Kozak, A. Wlodarczyk, and A. Dobek SAXS studies of d(ttaggg)4 oligomer in solution P43 157
M. Kozak and M. Taube SAXS-WAXS studies of the low resolution structure in solution of glucose isomerase from streptomyces rubiginosus P44 158
M. Kozak, K. Szpotkowski, A. Kozak, R. Zieliński, D. Wieczorek, M.J. Gajda, and L. Domka The FTIR and SAXS studies of influence of a morpholine derivatives on the DMPC-based biological membrane systems P45 159
M. Kozak, K. Szpotkowski, A. Kozak, R. Zieliński, D. Wieczorek, M.J. Gajda, and L. Domka The effect of selected cationic surfactant on the structure of hydrated DMPC studied by small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) P46 160
II NCPS-B: IInd National Conference Polish Synchrotron – Beamlines
II NCPS-B: Information 161
II NCPS-B: Presentations
M. Zubek, B. Mielewska, M. Dampc, M.R.F. Siggel-King, and G.C. King Threshold photoelectron spectra of tetrahydrofuran and α-tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol over the energy range 9 eV to 30 eV C1 164
J. Szlachetko, D. Banaś, W. Cao, J.-Cl. Dousse, J. Hoszowska, Y. Kayser, A. Kubala-Kukuś, M. Pajek, M. Szlachetko, M. Salomé, and J. Susini Resonant Raman scattering in synchrotron radiation based x-ray fluorescence analysis C2 165
S. Rabiej Investigations of the internal structure and thermal properties of the homogeneous ethylene-1-octene copolymers C3 166
A.J. Wojtowicz UV and VUV spectroscopy of rare earth activated wide bandgap materials C4 167
A. Pawlak Investigation of cavitation during deformation of polymers by SAXS studies C5 168
A. Kuczumow Some remarks on W2 line construction derived from the experiments on biomaterials in LURE and HASYLAB C6 169
W. Paszkowicz On Polish contribution to the use of synchrotron sources in natural sciences C7 170
M. Sikora, K. Knizek, Cz. Kapusta, Z. Jirak, V. Prochazka, D. Rybicki, and P. Glatzel Spin state evolution of transition metals in the Co doped manganese perovskites C8 171
H. Fiedorowicz Microprocessing polymers using synchrotron and laser plasma EUV sources C9 172
G. Vankó and F.M.F. de Groot Resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy unveils fine details of cobalt 1s pre-edges C10 173
J. Bąk-Misiuk, J. Domagała, J. Gronkowski, M. Leszczyński, G. Kowalski, A. Shalimov, W. Wierzchowski, and K. Wieteska Line PLM5A: X-ray diffraction topography and high resolution diffraction of monocrystaline materials C11
J.T. Bonarski and L. Tarkowski Proposal of synchrotron beamline PLM6 “X-DAS” C12 176
E. Czerwosz and M. Kozłowski Investigation of work function of different materials using a synchrotron beamline C13 177
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska The short overview of the applications of x-ray absorption spectroscopy for material characterization at Institute of Physics in Warsaw C14 178
J.B. Pelka Biomedical facility at Polish synchrotron in Cracow C15 179
M. Kozak The applications of small angle scattering of synchrotron radiation in structural biology C16 180
Index of authors 181
Index of keywords 184
Index of laboratories and beamlines 187