Volume 9, Number 1-2, June 2010

vol. 9 ALL IN ONE FILE Bulletin vol. 09
Editorial I
M.J. Stankiewicz, E.A. Görlich, K. Królas Synchrotron light source in Poland! 1
Synchrotron Light News 2
Regular contributions
Z. Dauter, A. Wlodawer, M. Jaskólski Promieniowanie rentgenowskie ze źródeł synchrotronowych jako katalizator rozwoju krystalografii białek 4
M. Jaskólski From atomic resolution to molecular giants: An overview of crystallographic studies of biological macromolecules with synchrotron radiation 17
H. Tomizawa Advanced metaheuristic algorithms for laser optimization 24
M. Jaskólski Dr. Zbigniew Dauter receives the highest science award from the Polish Academy of Sciences 28
D. Żymierska, B. Orłowski The jubilee of our conferences 29
D. Żymierska News from the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society 32
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, R. Nietubyć, R. Sobierajski On FEL in Ryn 34


10th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science 2010

ISSRNS 2010 – programme 38
Welcome 41
ISSRNS-10: Invited lectures and oral presentations
W. Minor Impact of 3rd generation synchrotron sources on structural biology L01 42
A. Marcelli Biological applications of synchrotron radiation infrared spectromicroscopy L02 43
P. Ghigna, S. Pin, G. Spinolo Synchrotron radiation in solid state chemistry L03 44
U. Pietsch, A. Davydok, S. Breuer, A. Biermanns, L. Geelhaar X-ray strain evaluation at individual semiconductor nanowires L04 45
P. Hoffmann, C. Pettenkofer Chemical nature of N-ions incorporated into epitaxial ZnO films O01 46
U. Heinemann, B. König, E. Lanka, A. Schütz, D. Carstanjen, K.E.A. Max Use of synchrotron radiation in studies of protein structure and nucleic acid binding L05 47
K. Shimada Many-body interactions in solids studied by high-resolution ARPES using synchrotron radiation L06 48
Y. Cerenius First phase beamlines on MAX IV L08 50
D. Einfeld Trends in state of the art storage ring based SR sources L09 51
B.J. Kowalski, M.A. Pietrzyk, W. Knoff, R. Nietubyć, K. Nowakowska-Langier, J. Sadowski, A. Łusakowski, T. Story Photoelectron spectroscopy in studies of the band structure of IV-VI spintronic materials L10 (ext) 52
S. Thiess, T.-L. Lee, F. Bottin, . Gloskovskii, W. Drube, J. Zegenhagen Site specific XPS: Structural and electronic properties investigated by X-ray standing waves L11 (ext) 54
K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, A. Wolska, M.T. Klepka, J. Gosk, A. Twardowski, D.Wasik, A. Kwiatkowski, J. Sadowski The shape anisotropy of the MnSb inclusions formed in GaSb matrix as probed by XMCD O02 (ext) 56
H. Amenitsch Applications of SAXS and GISAXS in bionanotechnology L12 58
M. Roessle, D.I. Svergun Structural studies of biological macromolecules in solution using synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering L13 59
M. Reconditi, G. Piazzesi, M.Irving, V. Lombardi SAXS studies of the muscle cell to identify the force-generating myosin molecules O03 60
H. Drozdowski, K. Nowakowski, Z. Błaszczak Determination of electron radial distribution function for liquid cyclohexylamine by X ray diffraction O04 61
K.O. Kvashnina, S.M. Butorin, A. Kotani, P. Glatzel X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy of rare-earth materials L14 (ext) 62
A. Kuczumow, J. Nowak, R. Chałas Microchemical and structural regular variability of apatites in “overbuilt” enamel and dentin of human molar teeth L15 64
J. Ivančo, D. Karnaushenko, P. Schäfer, D.R.T. Zahn, W. Braun, E. Majková Top metal contact on an organic film: Indium on copper phthalocyanine O05 65
A. Ghaffar, W. Pichl, G. Krexner, I. Zizak Confinement-induced structural changes of lithium and sodium in nano-porous silica glass O06 66
V. Petříček, M. Dusek Jana2006 as a tool for solution and refinement of non-standard crystal structures L16 67
J. Gapiński, A. Patkowski Application of X-ray scattering and diffraction techniques to studies of highly charged colloid suspensions in the vicinity of the crystallization point L17 68
M.S. Żbik, R.L. Frost Synchrotron based transmission X-ray microscopy reveals smectite fine structure in an aqueous environment O07 69
V. Lombardi, M. Linari, M. Reconditi, E. Brunello, L. Fusi, T.C. Irving, T. Narayanan, G. Piazzesi, M. Irving X-ray interference measurements of the molecular motor of muscle with nanometer-microsecond resolution L18 70
M. Cholewa High resolution X-ray microprobes and their applications L19 71
T. Ślęzak, M. Zając, M. Ślęzak, K. Matlak, N. Spiridis, K. Freindl, D. Wilgocka-Ślęzak, R. Rüffer, J. Korecki Depth-resolved magnetization structure at the spin reorientation transition in Fe/W(110) ultrathin films studied by the nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation O08 72
W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, D. Klinger, R. Sobierajski, J. Pełka, T. Balcer X-ray topographic investigation of the deformation field around spots irradiated by FLASH single pulses O09 73
M.J. Stankiewicz, E.A. Görlich, K. Królas Polish Synchrotron – present status L20 74
M. Eriksson, A. Wawrzyniak, P. Goryl The accelerators for the Polish Light Source and MAX IV L21 75
J. Szade, B.A. Orłowski, B.J. Kowalski, E. Görlich, K. Tomala, P. Starowicz Soft X-ray Spectroscopy – first beamline at Polish synchrotron L22 76
B. Kaulich, A. Gianoncelli, M. Kiskinova Transmission and emission soft X-ray spectromicroscopies for life and nanosciences at Elettra L23 77
R. Nietubyć, E. Dynowska, R. Mirowski, K. Nowakowska-Langier, J. Pełka, P. Romanowski, J. Witkowski Growth of niobium film on sapphire(001) O10 78
J. Szlachetko, M. Cotte, J. Morse, . Salome, M. Pajek, P. Jagodzinski, J.-Cl. Dousse, J. Hoszowska, Y. Kayser, J. Susini Application of wavelength-dispersive spectroscopy at ID21 X-ray Microscopy beamline of ESRF: New possibilities for micro-fluorescence and micro-XANES analysis O11 79
W. Paszkowicz Properties of rare earth orthovanadates under high pressure O12 80
L. Walczak, V. Joco, G. Goryl, .A. Valbuena, T. Balasubramanian, P. Segovia, M. Szymonski, E.G. Michel Electronic structure and crystalline structure of vicinal beryllium surfaces O13 81
C.V. Ciobanu Genetic algorithms for structural optimization problems at the nanoscale L24 82
AJ. Martinez-Blanco, V. Joco, C. Quiros, P. Segovia, E.G. Michel Application of genetic algorithms to surface X-ray diffraction analysis L25 83
H. Tomizawa Strategy of metaheuristics algorithms for laser optimization L26 84
W. Sławiński, R. Przeniosło, I. Sosnowska, M. Bieringer Magnetoelastic coupling in CaMn7O12 O14 85
M. Zając, T. Ślęzak, M. Ślęzak, K. Freindl, P. Cierniak, E. Partyka-Jankowska, J. Korecki In situ high temperature magnetic and dynamic properties of Fe(110) nanostructures studied with nuclear resonant scattering techniques O15 86
M. Amati, M. Kazemian Abyaneh, M.M. Dalmiglio, L. Gregoratti, M. Kiskinova Recent achievement in characterization of micro- and nano-materials by scanning photoemission imaging and spectromicroscopy O16 87
ISSRNS-10: poster presentations
P. Romanowski, A. Shalimov, J. Bak-Misiuk, A. Misiuk, W. Caliebe Structural and magnetic properties of Si single crystals implanted with Mn P01 (ext) 88
M. Wojcik, J. Gaca, A. Turos, P. Caban, W. Strupiński, K. Pągowska HRXRD and RBS/channeling determination of the correlation between radiation damage and interplanar spacing in GaN epilayers P02 90
R. Bacewicz, A. Pietnoczka, W. Zalewski, A. Antonowicz, T. Słupiński Local structure in Te doped GaAs P03 91
B.A. Orlowski, P. Dziawa, K. Gas, S. Mickievicius, M. Szot, J.B. Pelka, M.A. Pietrzyk, B.J. Kowalski, S. Thiess, W. Drube High energy photoemission from covered layer P04 92
B.A. Orlowski, A. Szczerbakow, B.J. Kowalski, M.A. Pietrzyk, K. Gas, M. Szot, W. Szuszkiewicz, V. Domukhovski, S. Mickevicius, R.L. Johnson, S. Thiess, W. Drube Electronic structure of ternary Pb1-xCdxTe crystal by means of photoemission spectroscopy P05 93
B. Marciniec, M. Kozak, K. Dettlaff, M. Naskrent Influence of ionizing radiation on disulfiram in the solid state P06 94
K. Mazur, J. Sarnecki, W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, A. Turos Topographic X-ray characterization of GGG homoepitaxial layers with introduced divalent ions of transition-metals P07 95
J. Bak-Misiuk, E. Dynowska, P. Romanowski, A. Kulik, W. Caliebe Structural characterization of Mn+ ion-implanted GaSb P08 96
I. Capan, J. Bak-Misiuk, A. Misiuk, P. Dubcek, S. Bernstorff, P. Romanowski Synchrotron and X-ray studies of spongy-like buried layers produced in silicon by helium implantation P09 97
V.G. Vlasenko, A.S. Burlov, Y.V. Zubavichus, I.S. Vasilchenko, A.I. Uraev, A.D. Garnovskii XAFS study of novel type of metallochelates of phenylazoderivatives of Schiff bases P10 98
E. Guziewicz, M. Lukasiewicz, L. Wachnicki, K. Kopalko, B.S. Witkowski, J. Sadowski, M. Godlewski Synchrotron photoemission study of (Zn,Co)O films with uniform Co distribution P11 (ext) 99
E. Dynowska, J. Bak-Misiuk, P. Romanowski, J. Domagala, J. Sadowski, T. Wojciechowski, A. Kwiatkowski, W. Caliebe Structural and magnetic properties of GaSb:MnSb granular layers P12 101
Cz. Ślusarczyk Crystallization and melting behavior of poly(ethylene oxide) and its blend with styrene-based ionomer using time-resolved SAXS/WAXS experiments p13 102
M. Ślęzak, A. Kozioł, K. Matlak, T. Ślęzak, M. Zając, R. Rüffer, J. Korecki Growth and spin structure of ultrathin fe films on W(110) P14 (ext) 103
L. Hawelek, A. Brodka, J.C. Dore, V. Honkimaki, A. Burian Structural studies of disordered carbons – comparison of simulations and high-energy X-ray diffraction data P15 105
S. Grebinskij, M. Senulis, H. Tvardauskas, V. Bondarenka, V. Lisauskas, K. Sliuziene, B. Vengalis, B.A. Orlowski, R.L. Johnson, S. Mickevicius Valence band study of LaNiO3-δ thin films P16 106
M.S. Walczak, K. Ławniczak-Jablonska, A. Wolska, M. Sikora, A. Sienkiewicz, L. Suárez, A. Kosar, M.J. Bellemare, D.S. Bohle XANES study of the synthetic equivalent of hemozoin dissolved in organic solvents before and after interaction with chloroquine P17 107
M. Kowalik, M. Sikora, A. Kołodziejczyk, Cz. Kapusta XANES and X-ray photoemission of the La0.67(Ca,Pb)0.33(Mn1-xFex)O3 compounds P18 (ext) 108
J. Klasa, O. Borkiewicz, J. Flis, M. Manecki Synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction of the pyromorphite-vanadinite and mimetite-vanadinite series P19 110
W. Zalewski, A. Pietnoczka, J. Antonowicz, R. Bacewicz Local atomic order in Zr-Cu metallic glasses studied by X-ray absorption fine structure method P20 111
J. Gaca, M. Wójcik, M. Bugajski, K. Kosiel The determination of the chemical composition profile of the GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures designed for quantum cascade lasers by means of synchrotron radiation P21 112
W. Szczerba, M. Radtke, U. Reinholz, H. Riesemeier, A.F. Thünemann, R. Fenger, K. Rademann XAFS on CTAB-stabilized gold nanoparticles P22 113
M. Gajda, J. Kowalska, A. Banaś, K. Banaś, W.M. Kwiatek, R. Kostogrys, Ł. Mateuszuk, S. Chłopicki, J.A. Litwin, K. Appel Distribution of selected elements in atherosclerotic plaques of apoe/ldlr-double knockout mice subjected to dietary and pharmacological treatments P23 114
A. Kubala-Kukuś, J. Szlachetko,, M. Pajek, J. Susini, M. Salome Lateral distribution of elements in the multielemental standard samples studied by the synchrotron radiation based micro X-ray fluorescence P24 115
H. Drozdowski, K. Nowakowski, Z. Błaszczak X-ray diffraction investigation of cyclohexane derivatives at 293 K P25 116
P. Jagodziński, M. Pajek, J. Szlachetko, D. Banaś, A. Kubala-Kukuś,J.-Cl. Dousse, J. Hoszowska, Y. Kayser Simulations of polycapillary-based wavelength dispersive X-ray flat-crystal spectrometer P26 117
E. Piskorska-Hommel, V. Holý, A. Wolska, A. Gust, C. Kruse, H. Kröncke, J. Falta, D. Hommel, H. Renevier, F. d’Acapito Influence overgrowth parameters on the local structure in CdSe quantum dots studied by fine structure method P27 (ext) 118
M. Krupinski, M. Perzanowski, A. Polit, Y. Zabila, A. Zarzycki, M. Marszalek EXAFS and XRD studies of crystallographic grains in nanocrystalline FePd:Cu thin films P28 120
A. Jarmuła, A. Dowierciał, P. Wilk, W.R. Rypniewski, W. Rode Thymidylate synthase in complex with N(4)-hydroxy-2′-deoxycytidine 5′-monophosphate: Crystal structure and molecular modeling P29 121
T. Tataryn, D. Savytskii, E. Schmidbauer, C. Paulmann, U. Bismayer Domain configurations and conductivity in LSGM P30 (ext) 122
V.A. Shuvaeva, Y.V. Zubavichus, A.A. Chernyshov, K.A. Lyssenko XAFS and X-RAY diffraction study of the cubic phase of Ni3B7O13Br P31 125
A. Wolska, M.T. Klepka, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, D. Arvanitis, A. Misiuk EXAFS and XMCD investigations on the Mn+ implanted silicon crystals P32 (ext) 126
A. Wolska, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, M.T. Klepka, M. Kulik, R. Jakiela Another approach to the Mn ion implantation into the GaSb crystals P33 (ext) 128
M.T. Klepka, A. Wolska, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, S. Filipek, R. Sato EXAFS investigations on novel Laves phase hydrides P34 (ext) 130
K. Polewski, J. Trunk, J.C. Sutherland Luminescence from adenine in argon matrices at 12 K P35 132
J. Szlachetko, M. Cotte, J. Morse, M. Salome, J. Susini Multi-modal X-ray fluorescence detection at the ID21 X-ray microscopy beamline P36 133
J. Szlachetko, M. Kavčič, M. Zitnik, K. Bučar Lifetime broadening-free L3 X-ray absorption spectrum of Xe measured by X-ray resonant ineasltic scattering P37 134
B. Mierzwa, K. Zelga, W. Bury, K. Sokołowski, J. Lewiński, R. Nietubyć, Z. Kaszkur EXAFS and XRD structure analysis of ZnO nanoclusters formed via selective oxygenation of organozinc compounds P38 (ext) 135
W. Paszkowicz, P. Piszora, Y. Cerenius, S. Carlson, B. Bojanowski, H. Dąbkowska High-pressure diffraction study of SmVO4: Compressibility and zircon-scheelite phase transition P39 137
W.M. Kwiatek, J. Czapla, M. Podgórczyk, A. Kisiel, J. Konior, A. Balerna First approach to studies of sulphur electron DOS in prostate cancer cell lines and tissues studied by XANES P40 138
P. Olszowy, M. Kozak, S. Pikus, B. Buszewski Characterisaiton of nanoporous polymeric SPME coatings with use of SAXS measurements P41 139
P. Zajdel, I. Jendrzejewska, J. Goraus, H. Duda, T. Goryczka, A. Kita Influence of nickel doping on physical properties of ZnCr2Se4 P42 140
M. Brancewicz, A. Andrejczuk, E. Żukowski, L. Dobrzyński,, S. Kaprzyk Reconstruction of the spherical electron momentum density distribution in Mg by the maximum entropy method P43 141
D. Klinger, R. Sobierajski, M. Jurek, J. Krzywinski, J.B. Pelka, D. Żymierska, R. Minikayev, B. Kozankiewicz, J. Chalupský, L. Juha, V. Hájková, J. Cihelka, T. Burian, L. Vysín, H. Wabnitz, W. Caliebe, K. Tiedtke, S. Toleikis, T. Tschentscher, R. London, S. Hau-Riege, K. Sokolowski-Tinten, N. Stojanovic, J. Hajdu, A.R. Khorsand, A.J. Gleeson, K. Nowakowska-Langier Studies of structrural changes induced by UV and VUV laser pulses P44 (ext) 142
M. Żabska, K. Jaśkiewicz, A. Kiersnowski, K. Szustakiewicz, S. Rathgeber, J. Pigłowski Spontaneous exfoliation and self-assembly phenomena in polyvinylpyrrolidone/synthetic layered silicate nanocomposites P45 144
P. Piszora, W. Nowicki, J. Darul, C. Lathe Hexagonal boron nitride as a pressure transmitting medium in the high-pressure high-temperature X-ray diffraction experiment P46 145
J. Darul, W. Nowicki, D. Trots Synthesis of multimetallic layered materials and characterization of the calcination products P47 146
I.N. Demchenko, T. Tyliszczak, M. Chernyshova, K.M. Yu, J.D. Denlinger, D. Speaks, P. Olalde-Velasco, O. Hemmers, W. Walukiewicz, G. Derkachov, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska Modification of the local structure of oxygen in CdO under irradiation P48 147
D. Wardecki, R. Przeniosło, A.N. Fitch, M. Bukowski, R. Hempelmann Studies of microstructure in annealed nanocrystalline chromium by using synchrotron radiation diffraction P49 148
M. Basiura-Cembala, B. Goderis A synchrotron study of polymorphic phase transition in nylon 6 P50 149
M. Taube, Z. Pietralik, A. Szymańska, A. Grubb, M. Kozak Low resolution structure in solution of native human cystatin C P51 150
Z. Pietralik, M. Taube, M. Balcerzak, A. Skrzypczak, M. Kozak SAXS studies of DMPC and DPPC-dimeric surfactant lipoplexes P52 151
O. Ermakova, W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, W. Graeff, R.J. Iwanowski, H. Dąbkowska, M.H. Heinonen, P. Romanowski, J. Bąk-Misiuk, W. Paszkowicz Characterization of LuVO4:Yb single crystals P53 152
K. Szpotkowski, A. Wypych, S. Jurga, M. Kozak Phospholipid/surfactant bicellar phase studied by SAXS, FTIR and DS P54 153
M. Taube, Z. Pietralik, A. Szymańska, M. Kozak Solution scattering studies of human cystatin C mutants P55 154
E. Werner-Malento, R. Minikayev, C. Lathe, H. Dąbkowska, W. Paszkowicz High-pressure diffraction study of selected four-component synthetic garnets P56 155
M. Taube, M. Hilgendorff, Z. Pietralik, M. Giersig, M. Kozak SAXS studies of Fe3O4/SiO2 nanoparticles for nanosensing P57 156
V. Lamzin Mapping the protein world: Over 1500 biomolecular structures solved on-line at EMBL-Hamburg L07 157
J. Härtwig Challenges in X-ray optics for modern X-ray sources L27 (ext) 158
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Authors’ index 162
Conference proceedings list 164


Additional abstracts not included in the bulletin
J. Antonowicz, R. Bacewicz, A. Pietnoczka, W. Zalewski Nanocrystallization of Al-rare earth metallic glasses studied by time-resolved simultaneous small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering
S. Grebinskij, M. Senulis, H. Tvardauskas, V. Bondarenka, V. Lisauskas, B. Vengalis, B.A. Orlowski, R.L. Johnson, S. Mickevičius Electronic structure of epitaxial SrRuO3 films studied by resonant photoemission